HRC vs. BS

Presidential campaigns are a bit like the Christmas shopping “season” – every year, they start a little earlier, run a little longer, get a bit more shrill. I’m left with the feeling that everyone involved is fed up with what campaigns have become, but nobody’s willing to stand up and say, “This is stupid.”

I’ve been observing (from a safe distance) the 2016 campaign, bemused at the degree of self-deception necessary for a candidate to soldier on despite voter support numbers smaller than the polls’ margins of error.

2016 is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second try for the Oval Office, and – just like 2008 – somebody in her own party is getting in the way. I imagine her thinking, Not this again.

(Who will I vote for? I haven’t decided yet – and suspect that the nominations will already have been settled by the time Illinois holds its primaries on March 15.)