I bought my first CD in March of 1985. (It was, as I recall, Dark Side of the Moon.) For the next ten years, I added to my collection at a prodigious rate: two or three per week, sometimes more.

The credit-card companies were doubtless thrilled at the debts I ran up, and the finance charges I paid.

I kept it up for twenty years, more or less – though each year saw fewer acquisitions than the one before. And then…I stopped. I still receive the occasional CD as a birthday or Christmas present (or give them), but I don’t remember the last one that I bought for myself.

After a few years’ resistance, I started buying music from iTunes (with the occasional 99ยข special from Amazon thrown in).

I don’t play CDs any more. I don’t even have a CD player. Everything was long ago imported into iTunes, downloaded to the iPod; that’s how I listen to music these days. The CDs are just taking up space.

(During the recent bedroom-painting project, we had to move the two CD shelves away from the wall. The sheer quantity of dust & sludge behind them – not to mention all over them – was a bit alarming.)

The notion of getting rid of my (obsolete, neglected) CD collection – selling it to the used-CD store, or donating it to the library – has a certain appeal, but I don’t suppose I will.