Argument clinic

Lately, I’ve wasted way too much time poking around reddit, YouTube, etc., observing the arguments people are having there.

I’m astonished at how much effort people will put into these interminable disputes. I’ve seen YouTube channels where a new hour-long video goes up every week, and wondered: Does this person have a job?

(A sufficiently-popular YouTube channel can generate an astonishing income for its owner, so perhaps the truth of it is that these people really don’t have jobs, and really do spend forty hours a week producing video rantage on the issues of the day.)

It’s all very…unsatisfying, after a while. It isn’t just the muddled thinking, the talking points, the rhetoric, nor even the suspicion that none of this sound & fury will ever accomplish anything – it’s the realization that nobody’s trying to accomplish anything.

Arguing isn’t the means, whose end is persuasion. Arguing is the end. Counting coup against one’s enemies is all that matters.

Life’s too short to waste on schie├če like that.