RIP, Timeful

Once upon a time, there was a thing called Timeful.

It existed for a while; then – last May – it was acquired by Google; then, today:

…at the end of August, we’ll be removing Timeful from the App Store. At the end of September we’ll be shutting off our servers permanently.

I never used Timeful. I never knew it existed, until I heard it would cease to exist. No skin off my nose, etc.

But it’s a story I’ve heard too many times: plucky, world-changing tech startup burns through some venture capital, makes a few users happy but doesn’t change the world all that much, then sells out to Google (or Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple…) and shuts down.

It’s been a long time since plucky, world-changing tech startup meant anything more than serial entrepreneurs looking for an exit. Investing time, data or money as a user of one of these puffballs is futile.

I have to wonder how much longer the scam will keep working. If potential users don’t buy in, there won’t be anything to sell to Google. All those serial entrepreneurs might have to get real jobs.

Quelle horreur!