The other day, I posted something to Twitter:

That’s a typically oblique comment from me. Its surface meaning is clear enough, but there’s a subtext known only to me.

I had the notion today to move aside the curtain, to reduce the meta, to…explain myself. Quelle horreur!


I was wandering clicky-clicky about the internet – as one does – when I landed on Twitter user @KivaBay. I scrolled. I read. I looked at the pictures. And I thought:

Interesting person.
She draws very…expressively.
I wish I could draw.
Wow, she’s not holding anything back.

(“I wish I could draw” – my mind isn’t linear. It’s a jumble, charging off in several directions at once. Irrelevancies creep in.)

It seems Ms. Kiva got into an online squabble recently, with Adam Baldwin. (Yes, that Adam Baldwin.) I read through some of it – Twitter’s support for conversation threading is pathetic – but did not understand.

I understood her side of the argument, what she was doing & why. But his side of it made no sense.

Was he trying to change her mind about something? Was he playing to the invisible cloud of lurkers? Was he just trolling?

Celebrities don’t usually behave like that – at least, not in public.