The Maurers of White County, Illinois (revisited)

Remember this picture?

Jacob Maurer & family (1890s?)

I’ve had it for a long time, but I’ve never been quite persuaded by the caption. Aside from the inherent ambiguity of providing a single left-to-right list of names to describe a picture with two (arguably three) rows of people, the names just don’t match up with what I know of the people.

As it turns out, this picture is also present in the Maurer family history I collected last year from the Clark County Genealogy Library (the first thirty pages, anyway); it’s a small, grainy nth-generation photocopy, but the same photo; and captioned thusly:

L. to R. standing: John, Jacob, Mary Ann (Molly), Reuben;
Seated: Jacob Maurer II, holding the Baby, Harry, Grandma Haffa
Catherine Ziegler Maurer, and Kati.

That makes more sense.