Much chatter of late regarding David Letterman, who’s retiring after thirty-some years of late-night television.

In all that time, I’ve (probably) never watched a complete episode of Dave’s show, nor any of his competitors’ shows. (Though I was a fan of Johnny Carson, way back when.)

I was thinking, the other day, how the vast churning sea of fame is eternal, but individual celebrities come & go: they have their hour to strut & fret upon the stage, then fade away. New celebrities take their place.

When I was young, I watched Red Skelton on TV. Jackie Gleason. Tom Jones. Lawrence Welk. Johnny Carson. They’re all gone now – except Tom Jones, whom I suspect of having made a pact with the infernal powers – and their replacements are a bunch of strangers.

The world has moved on.

It seems to be moving on more quickly than it used to, though maybe that’s just me, getting old.