We were in Springfield today, for an archery tournament; the weather being delightfully spring-like (appropriately so, the day after the equinox), we slipped in a few extra adventures.

Jennifer, Sam & I visited the Lincoln Tomb, an impressive pile of granite on a hilltop in Oak Ridge Cemetery. (Jake was on the team bus.) We walked around, took some pictures, even went inside. (It’s pretty dark in there.)

I noticed one peculiar thing: the engraved panel for Robert Todd Lincoln – who’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery, not in Springfield – reads:

Robert Todd Lincoln
1843 - 1926
National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia

…but the three seems to have had a four glued over it, for a long time. It’s gone now, but the outline is clearly visible.

What’s the story behind that? Was there some ambiguity or dispute over Robert Todd Lincoln’s date of birth? When was the four added? When was it removed?

I meant to ask one of the attendants, but a busload of middle-school kids showed up around then & I never got the chance.

After tomb-raiding, we met Jake at the state fairgrounds for some archery. (I’m told it went well. Jake’s team will soon need a larger trophy case.)

Our last stop of the day: dinner at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, where the food was tasty – but they got two out of four orders wrong, and charged us $60 for the experience. We might go back, sometime, but probably not any time soon.