Today’s project – diffidently begun, quickly abandoned – involved tidying up my home directory on the MacBook Pro.

There’s decades of junk lurking in there, incomplete reorganizations & format conversions piling up like geological strata. The earliest files are WordStar documents and BASIC source code, from 1985; I keep them mostly out of nostalgia, because I have nothing left that can read them.

The files I deleted this morning weren’t so old as that: MS Money export files, Quicken data files, iBank and iBank 5 data files. The apps that could read them are long gone – and MS Money was Windows only when it still existed – so why keep them?

I also merged two directories of online statements, receipts & paperwork, stuff going back ten years or more. (I’m tempted to throw it all into Evernote, but haven’t yet worked up the nerve for that.)

Next up: bringing order to the chaos of git and/or mercurial repositories I’ve created. I should move everything to git, then remove the (mercurial) originals; but I dither & procrastinate.

Most of these repositories haven’t been touched in years. I begin to wonder why I keep them.