Over on Flickr, I have a photo. It has a share-this url that looks like this:


I’m trying to embed this image in a WordPress post, here in the daybook. It’s not working.

The WordPress documentation says:

…simply paste that link on its own line in a post or page in your WordPress.com blog and your image will appear, linked to your Flickr image….

Alas, it doesn’t work. If I paste the url into the post – on a line by itself – I get…the url, not the image. If I use the WordPress embed tag, I get…the url, not the image.

I suspect that Flickr changed their url scheme, and the WordPress whitelist hasn’t caught up. Or maybe Flickr support in WordPress is broken, has been broken for years, and nobody cares because nobody’s using Flickr any more. Or maybe nobody’s using WordPress any more?

Either way, no image embeds today.

2 thoughts on “Embedded

  1. Pat Post author

    Perhaps the embed codes only work on a WordPress-hosted blog, and not a private install of WordPress?

    Mildly annoying, if so.

  2. Pat Post author

    I note with some annoyance that it is impossible to write a WordPress post that displays the text sequence


    The renderer strips it out, every time. The documented method for escaping a registered shortcode –


    – doesn’t work, either.

    Way to go, WordPress developers. Have a banana.

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