Internet of Things

Much chatter of late on the so-called Internet of Things: connecting to the internet gadgets & appliances that previously weren’t connected to anything.

I suppose I’m participating, in a small and relatively private way, with the (ongoing, eternally unfinished) Yard-Cam project; but I’m not all that interested in providing internet access to the refrigerator, thermostat, washer & dryer, light bulbs, etc., etc.

What would I do with all these newly-networked devices? Adjust the thermostat while riding the bus? Start a load of laundry from work? (Can the Internet of Things move laundry from washer to dryer? Didn’t think so.) Flush the toilet from across town?

I don’t want my toilet on some Bulgarian botnet.

(It occurs to me that the U-verse router is already having problems, servicing the computers we’ve connected to it. Were we to pile on two dozen more wifi connections for light bulbs & assorted frippery, the wretched thing would likely melt down.)