Goodbye to 2008

This morning, I retrieved the 2008 archives from long-term storage (i.e., the closet in #1 son’s bedroom), and shredded everything: old bank statements, utility bills, insurance papers, even some medical records.

My cholesterol in 2008 was…normal.

2008 was the year I bought a Sidekick, my first phone that didn’t have a hinge in the middle. It had a gorgeous screen, a surprisingly good keyboard, and – best of all – a great camera.

I had a grand time with my Sidekick, until Microsoft managed to destroy both the company that made it (Danger) and the data center that it relied on.

Way to go, ’softies.

The accordion folder previously dedicated to 2008 will now receive the 2015 archives (which are currently piled on my desk, and very much in the way). A year from now, it will go (back) in the closet; six years after that, it will be time to say goodbye to 2015.