Jake had an archery tournament today, at Potomac Grade School, in…wait for it…Potomac, Illinois.

Potomac is (more or less) twenty miles east of Rantoul on US 136: just east of Armstrong, where Jake had a tournament last year (and, if memory serves, the year before). It’s a small town – population 681, according to the hive mind – with not much of a downtown area, but with a surprisingly large cemetery.

It’s across the street from the school, which seems an odd location for such a thing.

The lettering on the front of the building was in the same Art Deco font as the (much-photographed) power plant in Austin, Texas. I have pictures of the plant, so I took a few of the school & posted one to Flickr. (Art Deco needs to be encouraged, everywhere it’s found.)

The facilities were a bit limited, compared to previous tournaments: archers shot only from ten meters, because the school gymnasium wasn’t wide enough to shoot from fifteen.

It’s interesting, watching a new sport get off the ground. New schools come online, new tournaments are scheduled. In a few years, everything will sort itself out.

Jake shot well, or so I’m told; I haven’t seen the scores. The next tournament isn’t until February.