I said a while ago that I would cancel my Flickr Pro subscription, and go with a free account. I haven’t done that yet. I dither. I procrastinate.


Flickr’s been a disappointment for years. Keeping it is just foolish. Paying for it is inexplicable.

The worst thing about Flickr is that I don’t know anyone there. I have a few Flickr friends, but most of them have long since abandoned Flickr – for Facebook, for Instagram, or just for life out in the real world.

I still post pictures to Flickr – I’m fourteen days into the picture-every-day project; it’s going well; thanks for asking! – but it’s hard to shake the feeling of futility that comes from seeing single-digit view counts on every one. As often as not, that single digit is…zero.

The question Why do I bother? comes to mind, as does Adept Havelock’s trenchant observation, “Ballocks! I’m wasting my time.”

Perhaps I should switch to Instagram. Or just not post at all.