I went for a walk this afternoon: five and a third miles, on uncleared streets & sidewalks, through freezing rain.

Crossing the big parking lot on the northeast corner of Church & Country Fair, I noticed some trash on the pavement: an empty cellophane packet, with a grocery-store logo and the label Poppy Seeds. Nearby on the ground: a second poppy-seed packet. And a third. And two plastic bottles, also poppy seeds.

It’s hard to imagine any culinary use for so much of a (relatively) obscure spice (especially in the middle of a parking lot). I interpreted it as a desperate attempt at recreational chemistry, one that surely ended in failure. According to Wikipedia, poppy seeds “do not contain significant amounts of opiates”.

On my walks around town, I see quite a bit of trash. People are slobs, but sometimes I almost feel sorry for them: any fella whose trash includes an empty liquor bottle and a condom wrapper probably isn’t leading the sort of life his Mama had wished for him; but when he leaves them on an exposed stretch of sidewalk…?

(Or are the litterbugs women? That would be even worse….)