WordPress for iOS gives me a pain

I have – or, as of earlier this afternoon, had – the WordPress iOS app installed on the iPad & iPhone. I liked the convenience of it – work on posts anywhere, any time, with all devices kept neatly synchronized with each other.

Alas, the reality proved less convenient.

Some posts are quick notes, dashed off all in one go, on one device; others linger in unfinished-draft limbo for a day or a week. Using the iOS app to edit a post created from the web UI occasionally tickles some unfortunate synchronization bugs:

  • If there’s a new draft post on the server, the iOS app doesn’t always see it.
  • If a draft post – present on the server and on the iOS app – has been been edited on the server, the iOS app doesn’t always notice & update its local copy.
  • If a draft post – again, present on both server & app – has been edited on the app, sometimes the app will throw away those changes & revert to the server version.

Worst of all – this afternoon, the app reverted a post from last March. It wasn’t a draft, either: I wrote it, I posted it, and eight months later the app decided to throw away a third of it & mark the remainder as a draft.

What the hell?

Fortunately, the server keeps a revision history of posts; I managed to restore the missing text & re-publish the post. But what of the other six thousand posts? Can I be sure that the iOS app hasn’t done anything stupid to them?

Corrupting my text is the one unforgivable sin of a writing app. Goodbye, WordPress for iOS.