Vote early, vote often

Sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, Champaign County began offering early voting: it works the same as regular voting, but happens in a different place, days or weeks before Election Day.

Or maybe it’s a statewide thing?

Jennifer & I voted this afternoon, mostly because the logistics of voting on Tuesday were a bit unclear.

I have some general policies for filling out ballots:

Proposed amendments to the state constitution: No. Exhaust legislative remedies first. (California made it too easy to amend the state constitution, and they’ve regretted it ever since.)

Retention of judges: Yes. Unless there’s a good reason – e.g., a pending criminal indictment – to vote No.

Candidates running unopposed: No vote. What’s the point?

How many of these guided today’s oval-filling-in? Ask me again once the polls have closed on Tuesday….