The Dublin Hot Dog Litigation

Meanwhile, in Dublin, the Employment Appeals Tribunal has issued a ruling in case UD892/2012, Meade vs. Cineworld.

In 2012, Meade was an employee at Cineworld, and used his employee discount to buy a hot dog. The Cineworld Operations Manager, investigating an inventory shortfall, determined that Meade had received a large hot dog, but paid only for a regular hot dog.

Quelle horreur!

Faced with this gross misconduct, this brazen thievery, Cineworld had no choice but to sack the criminal mastermind Meade (aka Dr. Evil). Meade appealed, arguing that: 1) Nobody reads the receipts before signing them; 2) Sacking him over €1 (the difference in price between regular & large) was just a tiny bit excessive.

The tribunal agreed, and today awarded Meade €20,000 in damages.

I imagine the Operations Manager feels quite the chump just now….