Yesterday, the garage door opener had an…interesting failure.

It seems that a nut worked loose from its bolt, whereupon nut & bolt ejected themselves from the rail they had been helping to hold together, these last fourteen years. The rail bent in the middle, preventing the slidey-thing (officially known as the ‘trolley’) from sliding. The garage-door opener itself, meanwhile, had no clue there was a problem. It kept trying to open the door, until finally it threw off the chain (that had been connected to the trolley).

Silly garage-door opener, it’s supposed to detect a blocked or jammed door, and do something more sensible than trying to tear itself to pieces.

Fortunately, nothing was broken; I reassembled the rail, coaxed the chain back on the sprocket, and…it still didn’t work. It seems the opener keeps track of where the door is supposed to be, which – due to the thrown chain – no longer matched reality. When I pushed the button, the opener tried to close the door, even though it was already closed.

I suppose I should’ve seen that coming.

After a bit more foolery, I managed to get the garage door opener and the garage door to agree on the latter’s location (i.e., closed) – but the door stopped four inches or so off the driveway. Oops.

A bit of RTFM – the previous owners gave us a set of appliance manuals, along with the keys – revealed the existence of a pair of adjustment screws, to control how far up & down the door will go. A bit of adjustment, and the door will close. Almost.

Perhaps further adjustment is required?

(The garage door itself is looking pretty beat up. I fear we’ll be replacing it, one of these days.)