Andrew Maurer

I had the notion today to visit the Urbana Free Library Archives, and see what information I could find on Andrew Maurer of Marshall, Clark County, Illinois. It’s been my working hypothesis for some time now that the late Mr. Maurer – who died in 1905 – was Jacob Maurer’s older brother.

After a false start in which I pored with increasing confusion over a history of Marshall County, I found a more helpful book: History of Marshall, Illinois and Eastern Clark County, With Genealogical Sketches, published 1978, which contains on page 160 a biographical sketch of…Andrew Maurer:

Andrew Maurer was born in Tuttlingen, Wurtenburg, Germany, in 1843, the son of Jacob and Agnes Glunz Maurer. At the age of 14, he came to America making his home with his uncle at Marshall. From him he learned the shoemaking trade….

So there’s that connection, established – at least, established to the extent that I believe Helen Maurer Tarman, Andrew’s granddaughter, who provided the sketch.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify,” advice of equal use to arms-reduction treaty negotiators and genealogists. I will have to see what verification I can find for today’s information.

I also poked around a bit in the 1860 Census for Marshall, Clark County, Illinois, and found a shoemaker named Chris Clunz. Could this be Andrew’s uncle?

Investigation contines.