Poor Mr. Jake.

He’s keen to play a new Xbox game – Red Faction: Guerilla, or some such – and asked me yesterday to buy it for him.

(“For him?” Just so – Jake & Sam have Xbox accounts, from which access to Papa’s credit card is, quite intentionally, not possible.)

I gave him a big lecture on the etiquette of huge downloads over a shared internet connection – “You want things like this to run overnight,” I said. “I’ll start it up tonight, and it will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.”

This morning, Jake wanted to play his new game, and…it wasn’t there, because I had forgotten all about it.

Sorry, Jake.

I bought the game this morning, and the (7GB!) download is running now. It might finish by lunchtime.

(The Xbox active-downloads page also showed Lego Star Wars III, a freebie that I had requested sometime in January. Apparently, it’s been stuck at 43% for the last three months. How did that happen?)