I have passwords. Dozens of passwords: web sites, computer accounts, database server credentials, this-that-and-the-other – everybody wants a password.

At first, I kept all my passwords in a text file. When that got unwieldy, I re-entered everything in KeePass. (As I recall, this took a while.) Later, I switched to LastPass. Now, I am – slowly, with a distinct lack of urgency – moving my passwords again, from LastPass to 1Password.

I never did like LastPass all that much: the UI is clunky, and the web browser plugin is more annoying than useful. Perhaps I will dislike 1Password less.

In other news…

Way back in 2011, I set up DokuWiki at http://patrick-rice.net/wiki, and dumped a bunch of genealogy stuff in there: obituaries, newspaper articles, that sort of thing.

I’m thinking now that DokuWiki was a mistake. Having all those pages online is mildly convenient, but not as much as I’d thought it would be; I’m not happy with the organization (or lack thereof); and finding anything is far too difficult.

The new plan is to extract all the pages from DokuWiki – just the latest version of each – and dump them into EverNote. If I’m careful about titles and metadata, the result ought to be much more useful.

After researching a number of possible techniques for exporting DokuWiki pages, I decided to cheat: it’s my server – I’m paying for it, anyway – so I zipped up the whole DokuWiki directory and downloaded it.

Those are my two projects for this month & next. I imagine they’ll keep me busy enough.