A new online magazine published its first issue this month: it’s called Hot Tech something-or-other, and appears to be a mix of tech journalism and soft-core porn.

I poked around the web site for a few minutes; the pictures I saw were fairly tame – nothing explicit, and no nudity. Just the usual early-twenties bikini models, presenting their hindquarters to the camera. Yes, they’re very nice hindquarters – Thanks for asking! – but it was a bit disconcerting to encounter them on a web site otherwise devoted to cell phones, tablet computers, etc., etc.

As the publishers no doubt expected (and counted on), there was much outrage across the internet.

Am I outraged? I don’t care enough to be outraged. The internet is a place where every dumb idea will be tried, sooner or later; web sites pop up, burn through their VC money, then vanish in a puff of smoke. And so it surely will be with Hot Tech whatever-it-was, despite all the free publicity they’re getting now.

If anyone even remembers the site, this time next year, I’ll be astonished.