Goodbye, PictureLife

Recently, I signed up for an account on PictureLife:

Picturelife stores all your photos and videos securely in the cloud, giving you access to them wherever you are.

PictureLife seemed like a good idea, at first – a replacement for the execrable PhotoStream that Apple foisted on a weary world – but I’ve changed my mind after using it for a few weeks.

Uploading is not automatic; you have to launch the PictureLife app.

Metadata – captions, folders, etc. – is kept on PictureLife, or in the app; it is not propagated to / synchronized with iPhoto.

If I send an image from PictureLife to Flickr, it doesn’t remember that I did that, or set any kind of sent-to-Flickr flag on the image itself.

I suppose my biggest objection is that PictureLife wants to be my image library, rather than a backup of my image library. I keep my image library in iPhoto, to which all other repositories – Flickr, etc. – are expected to be subordinate.

That, and PictureLife’s status as plucky startup out to change the world is troubling. I’ve heard that story too many times; it’s been a lie, every time.

These companies aren’t serious about changing the world, they’re just looking for a quick & profitable exit – by selling out to Microsoft or Google or Yahoo. Once the VC & founders have taken their millions & gone home, the plucky startup – now merely plucked – will shut down.

And anyone who bought the lie – who relied on the service – gets chumped.

I removed PictureLife from the iPad & iPhone. (I never did install it on the MacBook, for fear it would do something daft like try to upload 30,000+ photos all in one go.) I imagine I’ll delete my account soon.