Meanwhile, in Peru

The CBC says:

Nude photos or videos taken at Machu Picchu have recently become common on social media and Peruvian officials have called the practice obscene or profane to the sacred site.

If I were 8,000 feet up the Peruvian Andes, part of a tour group visiting Inca ruins, I rather doubt that my first impulse would be to drop trou & pose for a few naked selfies.

Is Machu Picchu the only site that attracts exhibitionists? Does the naked-selfie crowd have a circuit they’re expected to complete? I’m imagining some very weird photo albums out there…“This is my ass at Machu Picchu. And this is my ass at Angkor Wat,” etc., etc.

(I’m a bit skeptical of Machu Picchu’s status as a ‘sacred site’. It’s a ruined city, perched on a mountaintop; it’s a tourist attraction, and any place overrun by tourists – naked or otherwise – surely has lost whatever sacredness it may once have had.)