I paid a visit recently to the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator page, to check on E___ C______. Remember him? He’s been in federal custody since 2005, and I’ve been using (abusing?) the federal courts’ electronic case filing system to follow along. (He even has his own category here in the Daybook: Stalking.)

Mr. C______’s official release date is later this year. (And it hasn’t changed since the B.O.P. first posted it; I suppose that means he’s avoided any major disciplinary problems.)

The inmate locator page says Mr. C______ is no longer an inmate at FCI Memphis; he’s transferred to a halfway house in [redacted], where his re-entry into society will (one hopes) be carefully supervised. (Do they still give parolees $20 and a new suit, or is the process more involved now?)

I really do hope that once he’s released, Mr. C______ manages to stay on the law’s good side for the rest of his life.

(Will I occasionally scan the police reports for [redacted] County, looking for his name? Almost certainly. Do I expect to find it? I’d rather not say.)