The resurrection of the jade plant

Long ago, Jennifer & I bought matching jade plants, from the garden department at Lowe’s.

After a few years, Jennifer’s plant got all leggy & weird-looking, so it went away. I took mine to work, where I did my best to keep it from getting leggy & weird-looking. I had a plant-maintenance regimen that, I diligently followed:

Every Monday, I gave the flowerpot a quarter-turn, to encourage the plant to grow straight up instead of leaning in one direction or another. Every two weeks, I gave it some water. Once a month, I trimmed the longer branches, to encourage thickness over length.

That just sounds…naughty.

But it worked, for a while. Then my diligence lapsed, and this happened:

That picture was taken in mid-February, 2011. The years since have not been kind to the poor jade plant.

Last week, the right-hand branch fell off. Did it break? Did somebody break it? Did the roots fail? (Did it even have roots?)

Rather than throw it away, I decided to bring it home, take some cuttings, and start over on the jade-plant project. There are eight cuttings, currently resting on a paper towel in the bedroom:

Soon – next weekend, perhaps – we’ll get them into soil.