Out & about

Today was a busy day.

Jake had another archery tournament, this time in Danville. The team bus left at 8:00am, so we all had to wake up earlier than usual. (Except Sam, who slept in.)

Sam had an event of his own today: Battle of the Books.

The two overlapped – Jake was shooting at noon, while Sam was taking the stage at 12:30 – so Jennifer & I had to do a bit of juggling. She took Sam to the library, while I went to Danville to watch Jake shoot (and to bring him home afterward).

We’re still waiting for archery results. (Problems with the scoring software? It wouldn’t be the first time.) But Sam’s team won! Their prize: a nice trophy, which will likely end up on display in the school library.

Pictures were taken, but they’re all still in the phone.