I’ve been fooling with source control systems for the last ten years or so: CVSNT (February, 2004), Subversion (November, 2004), Mercurial (June, 2012), and – last but not least – git (September, 2010).

I keep random small projects in them: source code, data, notes. Nothing too involved – I used to write programs for fun, but I seem to have gotten away from that in the last ten or twenty years – but enough that revision control is worth having.

So I’ve been keeping my repositories, converting them to each new system as they come along, occasionally uploading them to sites like bitbucket and github (where they’re all private).

I’d been neglecting them for a while, but decided this weekend to get them squared away again.

I found my Mercurial repository holding everything I’d converted from subversion; I converted it to git, then broke out the top-level directories into separate git repositories. I cloned local copies of my bitbucket & github repositories. I put everything in two directories: ~/hg and ~/git.

(A sub-project in all this was generating new ssh keys – one each, home & work – and propagating them to all the places such things need to be.)

I have a few duplicate repositories, remnants in Mercurial of projects that moved to git. I need to get rid of those.