Alas, mongo

In what may have been a protest against my playing too much Minecraft, the MacBook ate its disk the other day.

I ran through the usual disk-repair and -recovery procedures, to no avail. I might’ve made things worse, too – early on, I could still get to the desktop; by the end, all I got was the Gray Screen of Death.

(Behind the gray screen, it was running fsck-hfs, which weighed & numbered the filesystem and found it wanting. Incorrect number of thread records, said fsck-hfs. I have no idea what that means.)

Friday, I dropped off my expensive doorstop at the local repair shop, where the nice fella said they’d get to it…in three days. (No, the weekend doesn’t count. Thanks for asking!)

Is the filesystem repairable, or will they need to reformat the disk? Will they have to replace the disk? (A one-terabyte disk costs $80, which is astonishing.) Whatever happens, are the files recoverable? Is my backup disk any good?

So many things to worry about….