This afternoon, Jennifer and I hung another shade in the tv room.

There are four windows in the tv room, plus a door (leading to the sun room) that has a window. Previous owners of the house – there were several; I don’t know which of them is responsible – hung black plastic Venetian blinds on all five. These were not of the highest quality. No, words like cheap and flimsy come to mind.

Even so, the blinds might have survived, had the current owners – i.e., Jennifer and myself – remained childless; but we did not. Over the years, little hands inflicted considerable damage.

Rather than look at mangled blinds any longer, we have been replacing them, slowly over the last month or so, with fancy new shades. (Why slowly? Because I’m lazy. Thanks for asking!) Today’s project was shade #3.

The procedure involves holding a level against the wall, and drawing some guide lines for positioning the brackets from which the shade hangs. (Not only level, but even with the other shades. This is harder than it looks.) Next comes drilling of holes, driving of screws, and – the big one – clipping-in of shades.

It takes about half an hour, if everything goes smoothly. (A professional would likely finish all five in that time. I am not a professional.)

So: three down, two to go. (Or should I say three up?) I imagine we’ll finish by spring.

After I had drawn all the lines needed for shade-hanging, I paused for a moment – then added, just above the window frame, a message: I was here, 1-19-2014. It will remain hidden until the far-off(?) day when somebody takes down shade #3.