This evening, just after 6:30, two fellas brought to stately Rice Manor the dishwasher we ordered last weekend.

They were casually dressed, impressively tattooed, and somewhat disheveled: we were their seventh appointment of the day, and it showed. But they made short work of removing the old dishwasher & installing the new one.

I took pictures. Perhaps I will post a few.

Dishwashers are simple things. They have three connections: power, water and drain; two height-adjustable feet in front, for leveling; and a pair of screws holding it to the counter. In a pinch, we could’ve installed it ourselves. (I doubt that Jennifer would agree with me on that.)

We were a bit concerned at what we’d find, when the old dishwasher was removed – dead mice? – but it was surprisingly clean.

We’ve been living here thirteen years, and in that time we’ve replaced every major appliance: dishwasher, stove, microwave (twice!), refrigerator, clothes dryer, furnace and air conditioner…but not the water heater.

I figure that one’s next.

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  1. Pat Post author

    The furnace guys stopped by today, to check on their handiwork (i.e., the furnace they installed last April). The furnace is fine, but…”Your water heater is leaking. You need to replace it.”


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