Off to Springfield

I had the day off, so I nipped over to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, for some genealogical research.

I have death dates – unconfirmed – for John Haffa; Agnes Haffa; and John Haffa, Jr. My project was to check the newspaper archives for obituaries, death notices – anything they felt like reporting.

Not much, as it turns out. I found a one-paragraph obituary for Agnes Haffa, and nothing for any of the others.

Nineteenth-century newspapers were strangely organized (disorganized?) vs. modern ones. The pages look like items were packed in wherever they’d fit. Many of the articles turn out to be advertisements in disguise.

Patent medicines were very popular in the 1890s: women and children in particular required frequent doses of elixirs, ointments, tablets, etc., etc., to preserve their health & sanity.

Agnes Haffa’s obituary includes some information I didn’t have: Jacob and Anna Maurer had three siblings, two of which died in Germany. The third, Andy Maurer, was living in Marshall, Illinois in January of 1896.

I’ll have to see what I can find out about him.