Yesterday’s project was to back up, reset & restore the iPhone: this, according to AT&T, is the final step in unlocking the iPhone. Alas, there were…distractions.

When I docked the iPhone (for the first time since January), iPhoto popped up with an offer to upload the 159 new pictures – new vs. last January, that is – that it found.

Sure, go ahead, thought I.

Alas, the upload process did not include any of the titles, descriptions, tags, etc., etc., that I had set in iPhoto on the iPhone. iPhoto for iOS is off in its own little world, and will not give up any of the data entrusted to it.

There’s a word for that sort of behavior, but it isn’t a very nice word. I imagine I won’t be using iPhoto on the iPhone any more.

iTunes also offered to download available updates for sixty-three apps. Never mind that most of those are tried-once/didn’t-like, or apps I bought for the iPad & don’t want on the iPhone; never mind also that the iPhone has been happily downloading its own updates for the last six months; the bandwidth gods must have their offering.

With resignation bordering on despair, I clicked the Download all updates button, and watched the blue progress bars crawl slowly across the screen.

(It turns out Jake had his own download running, so my completely-pointless download included a bonus starved-for-bandwidth waste of time.)

After a while, I gave up & went out to watch television with Jennifer. I never did get the iPhone backed up. Maybe tonight….