A few weeks ago, the Wii’s message light started blinking. I wonder what that’s for, thought I. A message from Cousin Ryan? An available software update?

The Wii has been sadly neglected, ever since the Xbox arrived. All those games, all those controllers & their goofy accessories – they sit in baskets near the television, gathering dust.

So the Wii’s efforts to gain our attention met with little success, until last Sunday evening. The kids were in bed, Jennifer was elsewhere in the house; it was time to solve the mystery of the pulsating blue glow.

It turned out to be nothing exciting, nor even very interesting: just an advertisement for the Wii U. Nintendo must be desperate to boost sales, if they’re nagging Wii users.

Once the Wii home screen came up, I noticed that somebody had left a Call of Duty: Black Ops disc in the drive. (I hate it when the kids do that. Alas, my attempts at teaching proper CD handling to the next generation have failed.) After ejecting the CD & returning it to its case, I brought up the Wii calendar thingy, to see when Blacks Ops had last been played.

The answer: somebody played Black Ops for five hours on February 3rd. And that’s the only time all year anyone has used the Wii.