Birthday party, etc.

Cousin Ryan’s birthday is coming up – his tenth, it is to boggle – and so is Mother’s Day; so we went to Normal for a joint party.

There was lots of food, including not one but two hash-brown casseroles. (Oops.) After lunch, there was cake & ice cream, and presents for Ryan & Grandma. (We didn’t bring any Mother’s Day presents for Jennifer; I hope she wasn’t too disappointed.)

The cousins played badminton in the back yard. Funny how badminton is the sport of the year; the kids are playing it everywhere they go.

The weather cooperated, mostly: it was warm, but cloudy and also very windy. (On the way home, I saw semis going down the highway at a most alarming angle.) The rain stayed away, except when it forced cancellation of Jennifer & Jake’s lawn-mowing plans.

I’m sure they were very disappointed.