Two of the more important machineries here at Stately Rice Manor are acting up a bit.

Our television – just five months old – has developed an annoying fuzziness in the audio. It sounds as if one of the speakers has worked loose, or failed outright. It doesn’t interfere much with playing Skyrim – at least, Sam hasn’t complained – but it tends to spoil regular programming.

Long ago, I was in the habit of watching television with the audio muted. That might become necessary again, if we can’t get the silly thing fixed.

The other dysfunctional machine is a bit more serious: after keeping us warm all winter long, the furnace has chose today’s (rather mild) cold snap to go on the fritz. It runs, but it blows cold air: not very useful.

Tomorrow, Jennifer will call the furnace-repair people. (Usually, they come out the same day. The house will stay warm enough until then.) I imagine we’re looking at another moderately-expensive repair – $300 or so – but with every service call I worry: is this the time we’ll hear, “You need a new furnace”?

I really do not want to buy a new furnace….

One thought on “Broken

  1. Pat Post author

    I was wrong about that – after considerable furnace-dismantling and -poking-around-in, Mr. Furnace Guy (whose name was Ed) announced, “You have a cracked heat exchanger. You need a new furnace.”

    I’ve been expecting this for two and a half years, but still: AUGH.

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