Today was sunny & warm: 50°, very springlike.

Jake had an archery tournament in Springfield, so the rest of us drove over to watch and cheer him on. It was a big tournament, lots of schools competing.

Archery tournaments are a pleasant way to spend a Saturday, even though I usually have no idea what’s going on. Kids shoot arrows, a guy wearing a referee’s zebra shirt blows a whistle, people walk down to the targets & retrieve their arrows.

Lather, rinse repeat.

(Scores? Those for today’s competition were delayed due to “computer problems”. We won’t know for a few days who actually won.)

Tomorrow we were supposed to go to Normal, for a birthday party; but the forecast – for the day after this lovely spring day – calls for five to eight inches of snow. After a winter in which every storm seemed to pass fifty miles to one side or another of Champaign, this one is heading right for us.

The party’s already been canceled. However – we were supposed to bring the cake; Jennifer ordered one from the grocery store, which order has not been canceled. What ever will we do with all that cake?

(Dumb question. We’re going to eat it.)

As of 11:00pm, we’re still waiting for the snow to begin. Outside, it still looks like spring.