The current genealogy database – on which I began work last May – reached a significant milestone the other day: after months of entering source records (over 400), and more months of re-entering genealogy data from those sources, I have begun adding new sources and data.

There is information in my current database that wasn’t in any of its predecessors. I’m making progress again, after years of stagnation. I feel pretty good about that.

The downside is that further progress will likely require leaving the house. (Quelle horreur!) I’ve squeezed everything I can from the documents in my archives, and Ancestry.com doesn’t have the local records – vital records, wills & probate files, etc. – that I need. The local library has transcriptions and indices, but not the original records. For those, I need to go all the way to the White County courthouse, in Carmi.

So, the current research plan is to assemble a list of stuff-to-look-for that’s long enough to justify a trip to Carmi, but short enough that I have some hope of collecting it all in a single afternoon.

(When will this road trip take place? I have no idea. It’s all rather vague & hypothetical at this point.)