It looks different now

I made some changes this evening to the venerable (but, increasingly, neglected) Daybook.

I changed the site theme. I liked the old theme (Carrington) when I first chose it, mumble years ago; but lately it’s been getting on my nerves. The new theme (twenty-twelve) is clean & simple. I like it.

I also removed the sidebar widgets (Flickr & Twitter). They looked terrible – the Twitter widget was clipped on the right – and these days I’m active on more sites than just Flickr and Twitter. So instead of two widgets, there are links to all my online profiles.

(Did I say “all my online profiles”? Not even close….)

It’s too bad that the lifestream project never got off the ground. The loyal readership – both of you – would probably prefer all my blather in one place, but that’s just not possible. At least there are links.

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