441 Pennsylvania St.

The 1941 edition of Polk’s City Directory for Gary, Indiana contains this entry (on page 310):

Maurer, Herschel I (Vina V) clk Ideal Grocery & Market r441 Pennsylvania

Those are my grandparents, moved up from Carmi to…do what? Look for work? Have a go at city life, instead of farming?

I should have asked my grandmother about this, or my mother.

I was curious where in Gary 441 Pennsylvania St. might be, so this evening I looked it up: it’s a few blocks east of the (now closed) Gary Public Library main branch. As with the City Methodist Church, if I’d known that when I was in Gary a few years back I might have gone to take a look.

Not that I would have seen anything. Google Maps has this:

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…a baseball stadium, and a parking lot. Whatever house my grandparents lived in, back in 1941, is long gone.

(Most of Gary is long gone. And most of what’s left doesn’t look too good. But that’s a story for another time.)

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