The Maurers of White County, Illinois

I have two pictures of Jacob Maurer and his family. Eight years ago, Uncle Ivan sent me this one:

Jacob Maurer & family (1890s?)

He told me it came from Richard Maurer, grandson of Harry Maurer (and thus my first cousin, once removed).

The other came from Todd Adams, who sent it to me earlier this year:

Jacob Maurer & family (1900s?)

This one is curious – it’s a (slightly off-center) copy of the original, which was scanned with annotations (written on the back of an envelope).

Clearly, these are two pictures of the same family, taken not too many years apart. It looks like they were taken in the same place, too. But there are mysteries.

There may be errors in the first photo’s caption. I think #9 is more likely to be Katherine (Ziegler) Maurer, rather than Mary Ann (aka ‘Mollie’) Maurer (who later married Everett Gillihan); and I think #6 is Katherine’s mother, Katherine (Gomer) Ziegler, who is recorded in the 1900 census as living with her daughter & son-in-law.

In the second photo – who’s that holding baby Helen?

And the children’s ages seem inconsistent between the two photos. Harry and Reuben look significantly older in photo #2 vs. photo #1, but Helen doesn’t. I wonder whether Jacob & Katherine’s last child was born between the two photos, and the girls in photo #2 are mislabeled. I have two newspaper accounts from September, 1898, announcing the death of Jacob Maurer’s daughter – but neither says which Jacob Maurer (Sr. or Jr.), nor gives the girl’s name.

But if photo #2 was taken prior to September, 1898, then why isn’t Katherine (Gomer) Ziegler in it?