Make up your mind, already

Contemplating on this windy Sunday morning a few distant ancestors: John Haffa, Jr.; his father, John Haffa, Sr.; his wife, Christina Bachman; and others.

Christina Bachman & John Haffa (Jr.)’s marriage license (filed September, 1883) says:

  • Age next birthday, 24
  • Place of birth, “Werttenberg, Germany”
  • Mother’s maiden name, “Klunz”

Meanwhile, a biographical sketch of John Haffa, Jr., appearing inĀ History of White County, Illinois (published 1883), disagrees:

  • Date of birth: 17 January 1858
  • Place of birth, “the eastern part of Holland”
  • Mother’s maiden name, “Plune”

One must assume a number of errors for any of this to make sense. Either John made a subtraction error on his marriage license, or 1858 is a misprint. Either John wasn’t born in Wurttemberg, or the “eastern part of Holland” extends into southern Germany (where Wuerttemberg is). Either Klunz is a misspelling, or Plune is; or both; or – a remote possibility – Klunz and Plune refer to two different women.

It baffles me that both documents were created in 1883, presumably with Mr. Haffa himself as the source, yet they disagree.

One thought on “Make up your mind, already

  1. Pat Post author

    The biographical sketch also says the Haffas came to America in November of 1864; but passenger records indicate they arrived in New York on October 30, 1864.

    I suppose that’s a forgivable error, twenty years after the fact.

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