System requirements

Jake’s a big fan of first-person shooter games: Portal, Half-Life 2, plus a bunch of military combat games.

These tend to be fairly demanding, hardware-wise, which means most of them run poorly on Jake’s iMac – or. don’t run at all.

The other day, Jake wanted to buy a game called Counter-Strike: Something-or-Other; I checked the system requirements, and said. “It looks ok to me.” So I fired up Steam on my computer, and sent a gift Jake’s way.

Alas, I didn’t check the video-hardware requirements quite closely enough; poor Jake spent hours downloading his game, only to discover that it won’t run.

He was very disappointed.

I have tried to explain that next year’s hardware will always be bigger & faster than this year’s, which means last year’s computers may or may not run this year’s games – and a seven-year-old computer like Jake’s probably won’t run this year’s games – but I’m not getting through to him.

I felt bad for telling Jake the wrong thing, so last night after he & Sam went to bed I bought a second copy of Counter-Strike: Mumblemumble, this time on my computer.

It ought to run there.