6th grade, day two

My strategy today, for ensuring Jake got on the right bus when school let out, was to show up at school and wait with him. (It worked.)

We navigated the impressive chaos – hundreds of students, a few adults, a half-dozen buses – checking whether the right bus was already there (it wasn’t). After a few minutes, the buses pulled out, and things settled down a bit.

Jake’s bus was delayed a bit, by chaos elsewhere in town (today was move-in day at the university), but showed up eventually. Jennifer & Sam were waiting in the van at our stop, so we didn’t have to walk home.

The kids are still getting used to riding the city bus. One of Jake’s friends missed her stop, because she didn’t realize the bus won’t stop unless somebody pulls the yellow cord. (We gave her a ride home.)

Jake says he’s ready to try the ride home solo, tomorrow. He’ll do fine, I’m sure.