On the bus

Today was Jake’s first day of sixth grade. Lots of firsts in play: new school, new schedule, and a new way of getting to school.

In Champaign, only the elementary-school students ride the traditional yellow bus; everybody else rides the MTD. They have special routes, described in very small print in the schedule book so as to keep out the geezers & riff-raff (who sometimes sneak on board anyway).

So, this morning Jake & I walked down to his new bus stop. It went well, though the bus was a bit crowded.

Jake was worried about the ride home. “They’ll tell you which bus to get on,” I said.

I was wrong about that. The school offered no help at all, and poor Mr. Jake ended up on the wrong bus, headed for…Urbana. He wasn’t the only one – two or three other students were with him.

Fortunately for all, the MTD operator brought them back to where they needed to be. (Some other bus went to Urbana instead.) And because Jake has a cell phone now, we knew what was going on and Jennifer was waiting for him when he arrived.

We’re hoping for an easier time of it tomorrow.