Watching television, with Jake & Jennifer. (Sam is in bed, doubtless grumbling at the injustice of being put to bed earlier than his brother.)

On the TiVo: Falling Skies, a show about alien invasion. Or something. I am somewhat bewildered by its popularity, and can’t begin to guess where they’re going with the story.

It reminds me a bit of The Grey, a silly movie that Jennifer & I watched last month: plane-crash survivors struggle to survive both the Alaska wilderness and a seriously ill-tempered pack of wolves. Every few scenes, the wolves pick off another one. In between, the survivors cuss a lot & discuss the meaning of life.

And so it is with Falling Skies. Every few episodes, the aliens kill off another character whom the viewers mistook for a regular, but aside from that I get no sense of progress toward any particular conclusion.

But it’s nice to sit by an open window & peck away at the iPad while enjoying the cool night air.