Goodbye, Cinch.FM

In March of 2011, I signed up for an account on Cinch.FM. (Why? I have no idea.)

In November of 2011, I tried to delete my Cinch.FM account (along with many others); alas, they provided no means of doing that. So I moved that bookmark into the Inactive folder, and thought no more of it.

Then, in today’s inbox:

Dear Cinch.FM users,

It is with great sadness that I announce that we are shutting down the Cinch.FM service. While we continue to believe that easily creating audio content has an important place in the digital world, we just do not have the engineering and product resources to maintain the service while continuing to invest in our main property, BlogTalkRadio. We’d like to make the transition off of Cinch.FM as smooth as possible for you by providing the steps necessary for preserving your content.

I have no content to preserve; I never uploaded anything to Cinch. So my transition off of Cinch.FM is really quite simple: continue ignoring the site until it goes away forever, then do my best to forget it ever existed.