Bus ride

Jake, Sam & I went on a bus adventure today.

First, we rode the 190 Plum to Country Fair. The bus was running about ten minutes behind schedule, and the driver was trying very hard to make up the time. (A little too hard, if you ask me. But I managed to stay in my seat.)

The plan was transfer at Country Fair to the 50E Green, and ride that all the way to campus. The online bus tracker said we had a minute or two to spare, but once there it seemed the Green had left without us. (It happens.) We took the 70E Grey instead…and on our way out, we passed the Green, just arriving.


Jake & Sam had brought $2 each, to buy all-day bus passes. We learned that these tend to sell out early – the Plum operator didn’t have any, and said, “You can buy them from the next bus.” The Grey operator said the same thing, so we decided to buy our passes at Illinois Terminal.

We got stuck in line behind a confused woman, who had lost her annual pass. The woman behind the counter tried very hard to explain MTD policy – no replacements, no refunds – but I fear her efforts were unsuccessful. I think there was a bit of a language barrier at work.

After a while, the confused woman wandered (confusedly) away, and Jake & Sam finally got their all-day passes.

We rode the 100S Yellow to campus – somehow, through all of this, we managed to avoid any significant waiting; the buses always arrived just when we wanted them – and walked over to The Beef Stand for lunch. It’s a nice place: a bit like Luke’s, only with more sensible portion sizes.

Lunch was: a pair of cheese hot dogs for Jake & Sam (one each – thanks for asking!) and a Polish combo for me. And fries. Lots of fries. It was all very tasty.

After lunch, we visited the Game Stop across the street. Jake bought himself a game for his computer: Sims 3, or some such. (Alas for Jake, the iMac’s disk is only 750GB. What will he do when he’s filled it up?)

We walked over to the Union, so Sam could play some arcade games; alas, the game room is on summer hours & wasn’t open. (Sorry, Sam.)

The trip home was relatively uneventful. We caught the 50W Green to Country Fair, arriving just in time to transfer to the 190 Plum (with the same operator – poor woman, I fear she spent her whole Saturday driving in circles, trying to get back on schedule); and a few minutes later, we were home.

(Another confused woman – or, perhaps, the same one as before; I didn’t get too close a look at either of them – did ask the Green operator, somewhere near Springfield & Lynn, “How far to the Union?” Um. It was three or four miles ago, ma’am….)

Jake & Sam like to ride the bus. I don’t know why; maybe it’s the novelty of it. Or the quality time with Papa. Either way, I think they had fun.