Down / Up

Cloudy this morning, and much cooler: the temperature at 1pm today was almost twenty degrees cooler vs. yesterday at 1pm. Rain threatened at times, but – so far as I could tell – none actually fell. The overcast cleared in mid-afternoon, and the temperature rose a bit. (Not too much, though.)

Tomorrow, the blast furnace returns: highs in the nineties, Saturday through Friday. That’s as far as the forecast goes – if it went further, I suspect it would be more of the same.

The newsdroids are saying drought, and running photos of the shrunken Mississippi (no longer a mile wide).

Conditions are (said to be) worse than 1988, even though we still get occasional rainfall. In 1988, weeks passed with no rain at all; and, once the air dried out, temperatures soared into the low 100s.

It worries me a bit that we have two months of summer left. I’ve had quite enough already.